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Payapa Strategy MT4/MT5 Desktop Version and PDF Download

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Payapa Strategy Desktop Version

Payapa Being Reviewed.

You can apply this strategy that I’m about to show you in any currency pair of your choice,but you can enjoy mostly on the USD based currency i.e USDZAR,USDCAD,USDCHF,USDJPY…but remember you can use it in every currency pair of your choice. Today I’m about to show you
some secrets of forex.
The strategy that I’m sharing we will be applying it mostly in 15 minutes and 1 hr charts, we all know that in forex trading there are 9 different charts.

All these 9 charts were put to cause confusion. only two charts that are for trading, which is 15min and 1hr charts. For you to be profitable you need to focus in these timeframe. And the 15 minutes is the important chart in this game of forex.

What is USDVMJ Strategy?

USDVMJ Strategy is a sentimental analyzing method, I know most people they know only about fundamentals and technical analysis. Today I’m introducing you into another way of analyzing which is sentimental way that you will only find at VMJ forex education.

What is this sentimental analysis

First of all. We analyze during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and during the week we only place trades. We only analyze on the weekend because that is when the market is not active, When you are applying this strategy you are trying to predict what gonna happen in the next coming 5 days. In order for you to able to predict these coming days you need to understand what was happening in 10 previous days.

Payapa/ Market marker Setup is a combination of stochastic indicator and technical setup of market within a period of 10 days. This combination makes it possible to identify sell zones and buy zones of the market makers.

Click below to download the Payapa PDF on How to setup Payapa on decktop for MT4/MT5

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