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Download Modified Payapa Strategy by Mr. Happiness

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We modified the payapa strategy and provide it free for all our clients, check below for the setting instructions and video on how to set up the strategy.


1. MA 5 EXPONENTIAL your own colour.
2. MA 8 EXPONENTIAL your own colour.
3. MA 200 EXPONENTIAL your own colour.
4. MA 13 EXPONENTIAL your own colour.
5. MA 21 EXPONENTIAL your own colour.


LEVELS – 10 -20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 -70 – 80 – 90.

Please practice in demo account first, good luclear
Okay when you get any strategy or setup you must understand the combination and how it detects market trend reversals…..

Okay with this strategy RSI and Moving averages are used to help us get signals for trend reversals

The reason they used RSI is to get the overbought and oversold momentum of the markert, so the strategy has 90 (strongly sell) ,50 (wait) and 10 (strongly buy)

So the moving averages will measure the markets momentum, so when all moving averages meet up and bend at level 90 we sell provided we they all bend at strongly sell coz thts where the market is overbought

We buy:large_blue_circwhen all moving averages meet up at level 10 and they all bend,so thts where the market loses it’s sell momentum and is oversold, so at this point we buy,provided they bend on strong buy. …

The MA200 is used as support as resistance for when the market is at level 50 (wait) so you can either sell or buy as the other moving averages bounce off on MA200

I know it’s a bit lengthy but I hope you guys will understand, just apply the setup and look through your charts ,everything will be clear

Click below to download the payapa set up video

Watch the video below for more information on how to set up the strategy
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32 thoughts on “Download Modified Payapa Strategy by Mr. Happiness

  1. So how do we use the payapa strategy? Do we only wait for the MAs to bend then we enter the trades or are there other things we need to know about?

  2. This payapa is not working fam, you'll lose all your money trust me it's a pity that I'm not allowed to send screenshots here but if you have a better explanation about this payapa Drop your digits or email I'll contact you immediately

  3. Ah this payapa thing doesn't work…why because there only giving us the foundation of it not everything this payapa strategy is missing the code for it to start working this is bull man

  4. When the MA 21 follows the rest of the moving averages it is a confirmed entry.if you colour your MA21 blue and it goes under all. MA's it's a buy.if it's on top of all MA's it's a sell?all MA's must make a knot with the MA21 following them

  5. Hey house,there is original/fake payapa strategy. I saw it on youtube, when you scroll back/forth on fake Payapa on your phone, those EMAs will leave overbought/Oversold zones. But Original Payapa does not, it sticks to overbought/oversold zones when scroll. People are scamming others about it. Still looking for it anyway.

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